Scott Nickoley

Scott Nickoley is a composer, music producer, and founder of Pendulum Music, Inc. With over 20 years experience working in production and post-production on countless mainstream projects, Scott has positioned himself as one of the industry’s premier music and sound solutions and his music has generated more than $50 million in royalties and fees worldwide in all forms of entertainment media.


After graduating from the UCLA School of music, Scott began his career as an assistant at Geffen Records and Universal Distribution. He moved on to music publishing at Universal Music Publishing and MasterSource. While working as the VP Creative at MasterSource, Scott began writing and producing a majority of the music for the company music catalog. Today, Scott has over 2000 record quality songs, which appear daily on major television shows commercials, and feature films. Scott has also provided music for video games such as Guitar Hero (Activision) and The Saboteur (EA Games), and provided music for over 100 national advertising campaigns. Clients include Budweiser, Disneyland, Intel, Cadillac, Nissan and Phillip Morris USA. Scott also sound designed and mixed the winning Doritos commercial for the 2015 Super Bowl contest.


Scott has scored numerous television shows and feature films. He scored over 100 episodes of the hit series South Park on Comedy Central, and provided scores for numerous other shows such as The Osbournes, Newlyweds, Clone High, and History’s Mysteries. He also scored parts of Team America: World Police. Currently Scott is co-composing the new hit series Triptank on Comedy Central with his partner Ryan Franks. Franks and Nickoley also recently scored and sound designed the stop-motion animated feature film Hell & Back starring Mila Kunis, Susan Sarandon, Danny McBride and Bob Odenkirk, which hit theaters this past October 2015.


In addition to his extensive work in film and television, Scott has written and recorded with many major recording artists over the years, most notably with Grammy award winners Britney Spears and Ashanti.

Ryan Franks

Composer and producer Ryan Franks’ colorful blend of lush classical writing and aggressive electronic music has defined the sound of Comedy Central’s animated incubator series Trip Tank over the last few years. In addition, he has also created the intense and quirky score for Hell & Back, a 2015 adult stop-motion feature starring Mila Kunis, Danny McBride, Susan Sarandon, Bob Odenkirk, Rob Riggle and Nick Swardson, among many others.


Partnering with Scott Nickoley of Pendulum Music in early 2005, Franks has created diverse scores for numerous feature films including Stay Cool (Hilary Duff, Winona Ryder, Chevy Chase, Josh Holloway) and Mama I Want to Sing (Ciara, Billy Zane, Hill Harper and Patti LuBelle), as well as short films, trailers and commercials. In 2010, Ryan left his day-job as head of A&R at the indie music catalog Crucial Music to focus on composing and producing full-time, becoming an in-house composer at the jingle giant Elias Arts before settling in to his current focus on film and television.


Before moving to LA, Ryan got his Bachelor’s of Music in Composition and Music Theory from the University of Colorado at Boulder, as well as a minor in Sound Engineering and Electronic Music. His training is rooted in classical music running the gamut of 18th Century counterpoint to 20th Century post-tonal theory to Jazz composing and arranging. His love of music, however, started at 10 years old with the purchase of his first guitar and a love for rock and heavy metal that continues to foster an enthusiasm for new metal, electronica, dubstep and various modes of contemporary production techniques. Growing up playing guitar, piano and saxophone all from the age of 10, Ryan developed a wide variety of skills, adding bass, mandolin, dobro, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, ukulele, piano and pitched percussion to the arsenal.


Before venturing into Scoring, Ryan started out writing, performing and producing compositions for various feature films, including performing “The Goldberg Variations: Aria Da Capo and Variation No. 1” on The Day The Earth Stood Still and “Sonata for Violin and Harpsichord No. 3 in E Major” for The Road. Upon teaming up with Scott Nickoley and Pendulum Music, the two created hundreds of songs, which continue to be licensed across a wide array of television shows and movies.


Ryan’s main drive is to work consistently with large orchestras as well as delving further into the ever-widening sea of electronic music. He will continue to combine his unique twist of influences that include Danny Elfman, Carter Burwell, Jerry Goldsmith, Jon Brion and Basil Poledouris on one hand; with Skrillex, Jon Hopkins, Muse, Morphine, Amon Tobin, and Noisia on the other to create unique and rich scores.


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